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Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry Inc.

Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry Inc. (formerly Barry Controls) offers both custom and stock designs catered to suit the unique demands of stationary and mobile platforms used in all industries and markets that includes a broad range of passive shock and vibration isolation systems.

Hutchinson’s Active Vibration Elimination Systems use proprietary technology to control vibration by electronically sensing the disturbance and taking a compensating action. Hutchinson uses a wide range of materials utilizing elastomers, metals, and other substances that deliver dynamic performance under a broad range of temperature, chemical and other environments.

Hutchinson also has custom solutions designed and manufactured to meet your special shock and vibration requirements.

Hutchinson products are used in many technical industries:

  • Aviation/Aerospace
  • Marine Defense
  • Ground Defense
  • Commercial Marine
  • Industry & Construction
  • Ground Transportation

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